How to Lose Belly Fat & Reduce Bloating in 6 Simple Steps!

Learn exactly how to get rid of that annoying belly fat & bloating for GOOD with 6 simple gut healing hacks!

Do you frequently feel bloated and uncomfortable?
Do you have a hard time burning that stubborn belly fat?
Do you experience stomach pain on the regular?
Do you feel uncomfortable wearing form fitting clothes?

I feel ya girl! So many women deal with these annoying symptoms on a daily basis! I used to be one of them.

I was all too familiar with the dreaded bloating and constantly feeling like I was 6 months pregnant because my stomach was full of air! I'm sure you know the feeling!

The good news is...there's a simple solution!

"The bloat is going away. And girl - the poop I had today! It was like a nurses dream lmao"

Brittany M.

"As I mentioned this is the week before my period and typically I am always constipated this week. Well I've been regular every day so far. It has to be because I'm eating better! Very Very happy about this."

Gina G.

"Hands down Brittany is truly the queen of gut health! In the past 9 months she’s taught me SO much. When we started working together I was bloated 24/7, I always felt uncomfortable, and hid behind baggy clothes. Implementing all of her teachings bloating is now a thing of the past! I almost always have a flat stomach, and best of all I don’t feel uncomfortable all the time anymore! "

Miranda B.

Hi I'm Brittany!

Like I just mentioned, I used to be bloated ALL THE TIME! I got to the point that I was bloated so often I just thought it was normal! Let me tell's not normal at all!

Walking around with a belly full of gas, feeling like you're a few months pregnant when you're not, and not being able to go to the bathroom is NOT NORMAL! But this was me on a daily basis...maybe you can relate.

Eventually I got sick of constantly feeling bloated and uncomfortable so I did some research and found a few things that were causing me to feel this way.

After making a few VERY SIMPLE changes in my eating habits and lifestyle, the bloating started to disappear! I was going to the bathroom regularly! I felt comfortable and confident in my clothes!

I was so excited about how I felt that I had to share what I was doing with other women. And it turns out they had the same result! The bloating was gone and it didn't come back!

And I want to share this information with you too so I put this all together into 6 simple steps that will get rid of bloating for good!



Gut Health Mini Course

- 6 Simple Steps to Beat the Bloat & Burn Belly Fat -

Here's What You'll Get...

  • 6 Easy to Follow Video Modules
  • Homework to Practice What You Learn
  • My Favorite Gut Health Product Suggestions
  • Tribe of Women to Support and Provide Accountability
  • "Complete Holistic Eating Guide" as a FREE bonus ($39 Value)

These are the topics you will learn...

Module 1: Foods That can Cause Digestive Issues

There are certain foods that you should just simply stay away from when trying to improve your gut health. You are going to learn exactly what foods cause irritation and that dreaded bloating! Don't worry because there are always healthier versions of the not so gut friendly foods that you love!

Module 2: Whole Foods That Heal Your Gut

Next you will learn some amazing and delicious whole foods that you can add to your diet to heal your gut and get to being a little more regular...if you know what I mean! I promise these gut healing foods taste amazing and are easy to add to your daily routine.

Module 3: Supplements to Heal and Speed Up Results

Once you remove the harmful foods and add in the good guys, there are a handful of supplements you can use to really speed up results and start feeling and performing your best a whole lot sooner! Before you get too worried, these aren't going to break the bank! They are very affordable herbal teas and powders that you can easily add to your smoothies!

Module 4: Stress Hacking Tools for a Happy Tummy

This one is super important because stress alone can destroy your gut and cause tons of stomach pain, constipation, and bloating! You are going to learn simple stress hacks to keep your tummy happy and healthy!

Module 5: Sleep Like a Baby for Healthy Gut Bacteria

This may be a shocker but your sleep habits are effecting your gut health. In this module you will learn easy tips to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep without using medication so you can get that healthy gut bacteria thriving!

Module 6: 10 Minute Yoga to Improve Digestion

And to finish things off, you will be given a quick 10 minute yoga/stretching routine that you can do every day to take your digestion and gut health to the next level. This video walks you through a simple sequence specifically designed to eliminate bloating for good!

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Gut Health Mini Course

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If you complete the Gut Health Mini Course and are not satisfied with your results, just email [email protected] and I'll send your money back!

All I ask is that you show proof that you completed the course and put what you learned into action with photos or journaling.

Refunds are subject to my investigation. No refund will be given for mistaking this course for a physical book or video shipped to you. The course material is hosted on the membership portion of my website.


I'm Brittany and I LOVE Helping Women Beat Bloating, Lose Weight, and Feel Amazing!


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