Step by Step Healthy Lifestyle Guide for Beginners!

health & wellness Jul 23, 2020

Step by Step Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle!

In the beginning of your health journey, it can be difficult, frustrating, confusing, exhausting! Can you relate?
You read so many articles about contradicting health information that you feel hopeless and defeated. Then what happens next...YOU GIVE UP!
But not this time. That is why you are here reading this article. You have a little voice telling you that you CAN achieve your health goals! Know that it is 100% true. As long as you are alive and breathing, you get to make lifestyle changes that are going to help you reach your health goals!
The healthy habits that I coach my clients on are not a trend or a fad but healthy habits that last a lifestyle! Here are 5 healthy lifestyle tips that you can start TODAY to better your health!
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1. Hydration

This seems simple, right? Most women I talk with have a really hard time getting in an adequate amount of water. For some it's because they are too busy and forget or some drink other things like pop and energy drinks instead of water. If you feel like you aren't getting enough water in I want to share with you WHY it's so important to make sure your body is hydrated.
Here are symptoms of being dehydrated...
- Dark stinky urine
- Dry mouth/ chapped lips
- Headache/brain fog
- Constipation/bloating
- Weight gain
I would suggest starting off with eight 8 ounce glasses of water. It's important to get water in from other sources such as fresh fruits and vegetables, herbal teas, and broths!
Drinking adequate water keeps the body and all it's functions running smoothly. This needs to happen to regain energy, get stubborn weight off, and help bring the body and gut back to balance.

2. Nourishment

"Everything you eat or drink influences your body." When you digest food, it breaks in down into little pieces for your body to absorb. What you eat determines how your body is going to function and perform.  To keep it simple, to see incredible health results you want to make sure to eat more real food and less processed foods.
It's not about being perfect. It is about focusing on nourishing your body with whole foods a majority of the time so that you feel amazing!
Here are some delicious recipes made with real nourishing foods!

3. Stress Reduction

"More than 75% of Americans are stressed out regularly." These daily stressors can be extremely hard on your nervous system which can lead you down a road of health issues. Trust me, I know. It happened to me years ago!
Issues that come from chronic daily stress:
- Increased inflammation
- Decreased detoxification
- Poor metabolism
- Slow digestion/bloating
"So you can see how just one little thing — stress — can affect your entire well-being and factor into a range of diseases."
But don't worry, healthy habits and herbs can help!
First, address what is causing you major stress in your life. When you address them, what steps can you take to make it less stressful? For example, if you are stressed about not eating healthy and it's causing you health issues start taking time to prepare healthy meals.
Next, help your body adapt to stress with whole foods and herbs. You can also limit your amount of caffeine by slowly drinking less. Here are some herbs that help with stress...
- Lemon Balm
- Ashwaganhda
- Holy Basil
- Ginseng
When you take time to be proactive about your stress you will notice your body feeling much better!

4. Tune Into Your Body

God made every one of our bodies uniquely and beautifully different! Which means you have to start listening to your body to see what it loves and feels good doing and eating rather than following a one type fits all diet. Here are a couple ways to start listening to your body.
10 minutes after you eat, check in with yourself and how you feel. I would suggest keeping a food journal to write down what you eat and how you feel 10 minutes after. This way you will be able to see what makes you feel crappy and what makes you feel great and full of energy!

5. Move Your Body

Our bodies are designed to move! Yet most of us have adapted a sedentary lifestyle. To help with the sedentary lifestyle, thats where exercise comes in!
Most women believe if they don't do an intense workout that lasts for hours, then it's pointless. This is a myth. Your body just wants to MOVE, in whatever way your body feels best to move. Maybe it's walking, running, swimming, yoga, zumba. Do whatever movement YOU love to do and what makes your body feel best!
Exercising and moving your body will do wonders for your overall health and energy!
Here are some benefits of exercising:
- Decreased stress levels
- Balanced blood sugar
- Better sleep
- Improved mood
- Aids in weight loss
- Increased energy
"Also remember that some exercise is always better than none." And going overboard with the intensity can do more hard than good. Make sure you are working out in a way that feels good for your body!
If you feel like you want to create a healthy lifestyle but don't know where to start and know you need help achieving your goals, I have 3 spots open for my 1:1 coaching. I would love to support you! Click the link to apply Holistic Health Freedom Academy
Lots of love!

- Coach Britt -





***This page contains links to products that I am able to make a commission from. I only link to products that I personally use and enjoy or have researched. It is important to listen to your body when working out. If something is uncomfortable or difficult, use modifications that suit your needs. I am NOT a certified personal trainer. The content of this website is not written by a health care professional and is based solely on my own knowledge, research, and personal experience. I will not be held liable for any problems, injuries, or illnesses that might occur due to a change in your eating and fitness habits. Those who do not seek council from the appropriate health care professional assume the liability of any injury that may occur. Nothing on this website will replace the professional advice of your own private doctor. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting any fitness program to determine if it is right for you. If you experience any pain or difficulty when exercising, stop and consult your health care provider.***

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