Here's the ONLY Way You're Going to See Long Term Results!

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2018

So you want to know the ONLY way you are going to stick with a health & fitness program and see results that last forever? The missing ingredient! The one thing that will allow you to see long term success!

Actually there’s 2 things…

You have to be doing something that you LOVE and make it FIT INTO YOUR BUSY SCHEDULE!

I know that sounds so basic and simple but let me explain a little more! Because if you do these two things I PROMISE you’re going to see results and I PROMISE those results are going to last…like FOREVER!

When I Started Doing What I Loved...Everything Changed!

Before I figured this out, I had tried tons of different diets, lots of different workouts, all the different supplements and you know what happened…I’d see results but I was sick of being on such a restrictive diet and feeling like my workouts were a chore. So I quit. And I went right back to where I started.

For example, when I was a bartender right out of college with no responsibilities, it was easy going to the gym for hours every day sometimes even twice a day. And I enjoyed it because I had nothing better to do!

But eventually I got bored with it and adulting hit hard!

My life quickly went from being a bartender and living with my parents having very little responsibility to actually feeling like an adult! I was planning a wedding, selling one house, building another, and running my online business. There wasn’t extra hours floating around every day for me to spend at the gym or cooking every few hours! Life was and still is BUSY!

My first step was to stop spending hours at the gym every day! Now it’s either 30 minute home workouts or 45 minute workouts at the gym when I get the chance. But I make sure this fits into MY schedule instead of trying to plan my day around the gym which I used to do and hated!

My gym routine was getting old and boring. I felt like I was just going through the motions most of the time. But I absolutely LOVE my short but intense workouts that I do now and always feel amazing when I’m done!

The 30-45 minute quick and effective workouts and eating healthy holistic food I LOVEEEE was the secret for me! I absolutely love my workouts and eating habits and it fits into my schedule every day!

Working out and eating healthy should never add stress to your life. Because being stressed sucks doesn’t it? And stress can inhibit you from losing weight and seeing results, but that's for another post.

So if that’s how your “healthy lifestyle” makes you feel then you definitely aren’t going to stick to it for long!

The Bottom Line is...

It should fit INTO your life and make you feel happy, confident, and less stressed!

Of course losing weight, building muscle, burning fat, eating healthy, etc. takes some hard work but if it feels forced and you makes you unhappy then something needs to change! I want you to try a new 30 minute workout that you love! (pssstt…here’s one to try...15 Minute Ab and Butt Workout!) Or pick some healthy foods from my FREE Holistic Eating Guide and build yourself a delicious meal!

If are struggling to find something you enjoy and just can’t find something that you love or fits into your schedule, I want to know! This is something I focus on with my clients because like I said, if you don’t LOVE what you’re doing and it doesn’t FIT into your schedule then you’re not going to stick to it!

I still have three 1 on 1 coaching spots open for this month so if this is something you’re interested in, please fill out my coaching application by clicking the link and I will be in contact with you…1 on 1 coaching application

Keep things simple and before you try something new remember to ask yourself those two simple questions…am I going to love doing this everyday and how is it going to fit into my busy schedule?

Much Love!

- Britt Nicole -

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