Lacking Motivation to Workout & Eat Healthy?...Do These 2 Easy Things!

health & wellness Jul 17, 2018

 Finding the motivation to workout and eat healthy comes and goes. It’s completely normal and it happens to everyone! 

Some days you might be super excited to get an awesome workout in then cook a nice big healthy meal. Then there’s days when the last thing you want to do is workout or even think about going grocery shopping.

I’ll be honest, I have been struggling a little bit with finding the motivation to workout the last couple of weeks. Things have been a little off and working out hasn’t been something that I’ve been super excited about doing.

Lacking Motivation to Workout Sucks!

But here’s the thing…

I do it anyway! Even if it’s not as long of a workout as normal or not quite as intense, I still show up and get my body moving. And let me tell you, there’s never been a time when I said to myself…”wow I really wish I didn’t workout!” I always feel better when I’m done!

Same goes for eating healthy, right? There’s going to be times when you don’t have anything prepared and you really don’t feel like cooking. Happens to me all the time!

And it makes that Wendy’s cheeseburger extremely tempting.  But again, I have never regretted taking the time to make myself a healthy meal. And I can’t even count the times that I hated myself eating fast food because I didn’t feel like cooking!

Are you with me on this?

The Struggle Gets Easier!

Over the years I have really worked hard on these things and it has become a lot easier for me to eat healthy and workout when I am lacking the motivation.

Why you ask?

Because I have been consistent for so long that it’s become part of my life now. I don't even have to think about eating healthy now because it's just what I do!

If you want to learn how I have become so consistent, you need to check out my Complete Holistic Eating Guide! I packaged all my healthy eating habits into this easy to digest e-book so you can follow right along!

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Show Up Even When You Lack Motivation!

You see, motivation will not get you to the finish line! It helps along the way but motivation alone does not equal results.

It’s pushing through and doing your workout even when you have no motivation.

It’s getting your butt off the couch to cook a healthy meal even when you don’t feel like it.

It’s showing up every damn day!

You have to be ridiculously CONSISTENT and when you do that, eating healthy and working out just becomes a part of life. You WANT to do these things because they make you feel good!

So when you’re in a phase where you don’t have a ton of motivation to be healthy, here’s the 2 easy things that are going to get you through and help you be consistent.

1. Remind yourself of your WHY

Why do YOU want to feel better or be more confident or lose weight or tone muscle?

Whatever your goal is, it is SUPER important to have that goal tied to a strong reason for doing this. If you aren’t passionate about your reason for transforming your health then it’s easy to eat crappy meal and skip a workout here and there. Then take a week off. Then next thing you know you fall back into your old unhealthy routine! 

You need to get crystal clear about WHY! It’s so important if you want to be successful in your health and fitness journey. Think of things like…

  • How you want to feel better.
  • How you want to be more confident.
  • How you want to not feel like crap anymore.
  • How you want to perform better at work.
  • How you want to be in a better mood for your kids.
  • How you want to improve your relationships.

Deciding to make some serious changes in your life because you want to see a smaller number on the scale or something silly like that just isn’t going to cut it. Think deep, write it down, and keep it close, and remind yourself constantly!

2. Realize when you are making excuses and change your mindset!

”I don’t have time.”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“I’m too tired.”

Sound familiar? These are a few of my old favorites! I had to change my mindset so I could realize that what I was telling myself was BS and put a stop to these excuses.

I have clients who have multiple kids and work 50+ hours a week and STILL get it done and see AMAZING results!

This whole being healthy thing really doesn’t take as much time as you might think! Carve out 30 minutes a day for a workout and a couple hours a week for meal prepping!

If you don’t know what to do then ask for help. We are not meant to do anything in this life alone. Research it, ask a friend, hire a coach. These excuses are just slowing you down and postponing the incredible thriving life you could be living!

If you’re feeling too tired, get your body moving more! You will feel more energized when you workout and move that body!

It’s human nature to make excuses for things that are uncomfortable for us. You have to focus on changing that mindset and accept the fact that things will be different and maybe a little difficult at times. But you’ll get through it and be better because of it! 

My favorite way to help my clients change their mindsets around these types of things are to journal about what you’re struggling with and how you plan to over come them. Along with reading and writing daily affirmations to convince your mind that you WILL overcome any struggle you that face!


Lots of Love!

- Britt -

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