How to Improve Your Gut Health with Celery Juice!

health & wellness Aug 15, 2018

HEAL your gut, BEAT the bloat, and poop like a QUEEN! Celery juice for the win!

I don’t know about you, but I was NEVER a morning person until a few years ago when I started doing a morning routine. Now mornings are my FAV!

I wake up, do a couple little stretches, then put on an inspiring and motivating podcast while I prep my celery to be juiced!

I’ve been getting asked lots of questions about WHY the heck do I juice celery first thing in the morning and drink it on an empty stomach. Well…I’m about to tell you all the benefits of celery juice and why you should be doing it too!

I recently read a book called “Medical Medium” and have been juicing celery ever since! And it has done WONDERS for my digestion!

Side note…if you decide to read it, be warned that it gets a little “deep” lol. But it is an amazing book and I suggest it to anyone that’s interested in improving their health. Now back to the celery juice!

Celery Juice in the Morning Makes You Feel…INCREDIBLE!

First of all, you will feel amazing knowing that you are putting something so healthy in your body first thing in the morning.

And that bloating you're so used to dealing with...well you might just see that start to fade away.

Celery juice supports the nervous system which is why you will most likely feel less anxiety and stress while drinking it.

It also helps with brain fog, and this is something I used to deal with a lot. My brain has been clear and ready to work after consistently drinking it in the mornings!

These are the types of things that I really stress to my clients because I believe so strongly that being healthy is SO much more than looking like you’re in good shape or hitting your goal weight.

Just for a quick example, I looked like I was in great shape when I was doing fitness competitions but I was actually filling my body with garbage food and I didn’t care or even know that I was destroying my health.

Drinking celery juice is something I have learned through all of my research to heal my body and I love sharing this type of info with my clients! Because most importantly, it’s going to make you feel good and provide actual health benefits to your mind and body!

As a side effect you will most likely lose weight and get into better shape along the way! When you treat your body right, those things just start to happen as a result.

If you’re interested in learning more about this approach and you are tired of fad diets and workout programs that tell you to starve yourself and just do more cardio to lose weight. I encourage you to fill out my 1 on 1 coaching application.

This application only takes a few minutes but it helps me to understand your goals and see if we are a good fit to work together. So click the link to fill it out and I will be in touch…1 on 1 Health and Fitness Coaching Application

 Now back to that celery juice!

Celery Juice Benefits!

Since starting my celery juice routine, test results from my naturopathic doctor have shown that my body is more hydrated, my nervous system is stronger, my body is detoxing better, my digestion has improved greatly, and I have beaten a low grade bacteria in my body.

I truly believe that drinking celery juice every morning on an empty stomach has been a main factor in these positive changes. You can expect to get some of the same benefits if you are CONSISTENT with it!

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It is such a simple thing but this stuff is seriously powerful and offers benefits such as…

  • Improving your digestion for the foods you eat during the rest of the day!
  • Delivering POWERFUL anti-inflammatory properties which will help with issues such as IBS, acne, eczema, bloating, constipation, acid reflux, fatigue, and the list goes on!
  • Flushing harmful toxins from your body!
  • Starving and killing pathogens in your body (aka it crushes the bad bacteria and viruses that destroy your health)
  • Providing mineral salts which are needed to support the central nervous system and fight against depression, anxiety, brain fog, etc.

And honestly, this only scratches the surface of what magic it can truly do in your body!

So I bet your next question is, how do I get my hands on some celery juice?!

How to Juice Celery! 

I personally use a juicer that I got for about $100 on amazon that works great and is SO easy to clean! It is the Oster 5 speed juicer! This is the easiest and quickest method in my opinion.

But if you don’t want to buy a juicer, you can also use a blender! Blend the celery with water and use a nut milk bag or small strainer to drain the juice. SIMPLE!

Just like anything else in your health and fitness journey, you need to be consistent with this if you want to improve your gut health. Luckily it's fairly simple and I like to break it down into 6 simple steps!

I've done the research and put everything I learned into 6 simple steps to a healthy gut. So if you're ready to finally get rid of that annoying bloating and lose the weight for GOOD, you need to check out my GUT HEALTH MINI COURSE!

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Click here for more details on the Gut Health Mini Course!

Enjoy and prepare to feel amazing!


- Britt Nicole -





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