How to Go Gluten Free and Never Miss It!

Eating Gluten Free Is Too Hard...NOT!

Have you noticed that food is just not made the same as it was years ago. Chemicals, preservatives, inflammatory ingredients are stuffed into the "food like substances" you find in the store today.
Products made with gluten are usually SUPER processed. Remember, everyone's body is different, BUT gluten has been known to be a factor in digestive issues, skin issues, fatigue, behavioral issues, and more. When taken out, some people see a HUGE difference in their health just like I did!
Living a gluten free lifestyle doesn't have to be an overwhelming task where you have to avoid all your favorite foods. You actually get to eat muffins, cookies, bread, just in a less processed more nourishing way! These 3 steps below will help you to enjoy a gluten free lifestyle with ease.
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WHY do people go gluten free?

For me personally, I found that gluten was wrecking my stomach, skin, and energy. When I took gluten out of my nutrition along with other things my skin started to clear, inflammation and weight went down, my bloated started to go away, and I felt a world of a difference with my over all health.
When I have my clients switch from foods with gluten in it to foods without it, they can tell a huge difference in their digestion and energy too! There are plenty of gluten free grains that you can enjoy that don't have gluten in them!

1. Naturally gluten free grains

Gluten is a sneaky bugger. It hides in so many processed foods! Going gluten free is naturally going to be healthier for your nutrition because you will be eating more whole foods! Here are some great whole food naturally gluten free grains to add to your nutrition.
Oats ( if you are SUPER sensitive to gluten make sure to get gluten free oats - meaning it is processed in a gluten free factory.)

2. Find minimally processed gluten free brands

I want to start off by saying, when a package says gluten free it DOES NOT automatically mean healthy. Gluten free products can be just as processed as products with gluten in them. That is why it's important for you to find brands that are minimally processed with mainly whole food ingredients in the label.
I am going to give you some of my favorite gluten free brands so that you can enjoy foods that you love like crackers, cookies, cupcakes, granola, and so much more!
Purely Elizabeth
Simple Mills
I bet you will fall in love with these brands just as my husband and I have!

3. 3 Main gluten free swaps

I wanted to share with you 3 of the main gluten to gluten free swaps in my home! Remember, you get to eat the foods you love, just in a more nourishing way!
Flours when baking: I have found the best gluten free flour to bake with has been oat flour. I just blend quick oats in my blender to easily and cost effectively make oat flour.
Breads/bagels: The best and most minimally processed bread I have come by has been Ezekiel Bread. Even the non gluten free breads of theirs is easier on the digestive system because it is minimally processed compared to others. You can go on their website, type in your zip code and see where they sell it near you.
Pasta: Anyone else LOVE pasta?! That's one of the first things that my clients say they don't want to give up. And they don't have to! There are great tasting gluten free pastas made from lentils, chick peas, beans, rice! So many options that you won't even miss the real thing!
If you are wanting more tips on how improve your gut health, click here for my free gut health daily check list!
Lots of love!

- Coach Britt -





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