How to Get Motivation to Lose Weight in 5 Easy Steps!

health & wellness May 15, 2020

Right now, especially with being stuck at home, it's a struggle just to get off the couch. Even getting out of your pj’s is hard (guilty🙋🏻‍♀️).
The last thing you probably want to do it cook or workout, the energy and motivation just isn’t there…
If you are like “wow, that’s me right now!” Keep reading love.
When my clients start to get in a little funk, get too comfortable, or lacking motivation or drive (because we are human, it happens) this is what gets them their drive back!👇🏻
We have to get back to why you started and wanted to live a healthy lifestyle in the first place…
We get busy with work or kids, we get distracted, and aren’t aware of how strong our WHY is. We need to reconnect to that.🙏🏻
Here are some of the questions I ask my clients to reflect on…
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1. How do you feel right now? How is your energy? How is your digestion? What is your confidence level? How would you describe your relationship with food? How is the relationship with yourself?
2. How long has it been like this? What has kept you here? What has it cost you?
Take time to reflect about where you are right now. To make a lasting change, you have to have full awareness of where you are now in order to know where you want to go.
I encourage you to grab your pen and paper and take a couple minutes to journal on these journal prompts.
Now that you have awareness about where you are now, where do you want your health, relationship with food, and relationship with yourself to be?
3. Write your health vision. Your health vision is what you see possible for yourself when you commit to creating a healthy lifestyle you love and step into believing in yourself and your body.🙏🏻How is your energy? How is your digestion? How is your confidence? How is your relationship with food? How is your health?
4. Now what is your WHY behind your health vision?
- Why is it important for you to create your health vision?
- Why is it important for you to be at a healthy maintainable weight?
- Why is it important for you to improve your digestion?
- Why is it important for you to gain your natural energy back?
- Why is it important for you to have confidence in yourself?
Take the next couple minutes to dig deep into your WHY.
5. Now, I want you to visualize yourself being your healthiest self. Do this daily.
"One of the most inspiring and powerful things you can do as a human being is to visualize what it is that you want to manifest, and then make it happen. The power of the mind is astonishing and, when coupled with mindfullness-based practices like meditation, you can increase your ability to make leaps and bounds toward creating the life you truly desire."
  • Tris Throp
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Lots of love!

- Coach Britt -





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