Being Fit and Being Healthy are NOT the Same...5 Tips for Being Both!

health & wellness Nov 15, 2018

 Fit or Healthy...Why Not Both?

Have you ever looked at those bikini models with the super flat tummies and legs and butts that are hard as a rock and they must be so healthy!
Well in most cases these ladies that look really good are not actually healthy. Because being health and being fit are two TOTALLY different things. Believe me...I've seen both sides so let me explain a little bit more.
When I was a bikini competitor, I was hitting all my macros, doing all my cardio, eating my chicken and rice, getting super lean...I was healthy as can be!
So I thought...
Even though I was in the best physical shape of my life, my insides were screaming for mercy. I was torturing my body and mind and was totally UNHEALTHY!
I ate hormone filled foods that didn't have any nutrients. I ate very few vegetables or superfoods. I didn't eat any fruit because I was told it would make my body hold fat (NOT TRUE)! I was eating super strict 6 days a week and binge eating until I made myself sick every Saturday.
Did I accomplish my goals? Sure I did...I looked great on the outside. But being healthy is more than just looking good!
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I Didn't Realize How Unhealthy a Fit Person Could Be!

When I was the most fit I had ever been in my life I had absolutely no energy, my hormones were completely out of whack, my gut health was destroyed, my thyroid was messed up, my skin was unhealthy, I couldn't focus for shit, had tons of anxiety, and my body went into shock when I went back to eating like a normal person who didn't count or measure every crumb of food they put in their mouth.
I was a total mess and felt HORRIBLE! I was over being that super fit but unhealthy person!

I Decided to be Fit AND Healthy!

I didn't want to have anxiety around food anymore, I didn't want to be on anymore restrictive diets, I just wanted to learn how to eat healthy and enjoy it.
I did a ridiculous amount of research, got different certifications, and became obsessed with improving my health and showing other women how to do the same. I tried many different styles of eating and exercise before I finally found what worked best for me and my body.
Which foods I needed more of, which foods I needed to avoid, healthy alternatives for the foods I didn't want to let go, and the most effective workouts for my body type.
I finally enjoyed eating and working out again!
This trail and error took some time, but it was well worth it because I learned so much. I'm finally healing my body and getting results I love and that are sustainable for the rest of my life.
But there's no point in having all this knowledge if I'm not going to share it with the world...I want to help YOU do it too!

You Can Be Fit AND Healthy Too!

Like I explained above, there is a huge difference between being healthy and being fit but YOU CAN HAVE BOTH!
You can look amazing, be confident, have tons of energy, get rid of the aches and pains, reduce your bloating, lose weight, and be happy!
You deserve to have a mind and body that operates the way it was designed to! So here are 5 things to help you do just that.

5 Quick Tips to Help You be Fit AND Healthy!

These are simple lifestyle changes that you can make over time so you can be consistent and feel amazing!

1. Focus on the Quality of Your Food!

All those things that are super processed or pumped with antibiotics and hormones are not good for you!
Reach for more whole food options. Look for items that say organic, antibiotic and hormone free, and non GMO.
These higher quality foods are going to make you healthy from the inside out. And just a side note...they're really not that much more expensive. Your health is worth the very small price difference.

2. Shoot for a Realistic Workout Program!

Consistency is key here! If your schedule only allows from a 30 minute workout 3-4 times a week then that's what you should be doing. 60+ minute workouts 6-7 days a week, is not realistic for more people and is very hard to be consistent with.
You're much better off in the long run starting with something you know you can stick to.

3. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables!

Mom's all around the world are telling their kids to eat more fruits and veggies! And for good reason! They are packed full of the vitamins and nutrients we need to be both fit and healthy.
I know this is stuff you already know but I'm telling you again that you need to eat more of the amazing foods that come from our beautiful planet. And it doesn't have to be boring, there are plenty of creative ways to make your fruits and veggies more enjoyable.
So eat up girl!

4. Stretch that Beautiful Body!

This is another thing that is so easy and we all know it's important but it gets neglected. When I was working out like a mad women, I never stretched and ended up hurting my back and couldn't workout at all for a few weeks.
I know you're busy and probably don't have time to take a yoga class a few times a week but you don't have to. Try this instead.
My husband and I started a routine where we both stretch for about 10 minutes before bed while we're watching TV and winding down at night.
You will be surprised how quickly some of those aches and pains go away when your body is loose and limber. And as a bonus, this quick stretch before bed helps you to relax and fall asleep faster!

5. Show Your Brain Some Love!

Mental health is just as important as physical health in my opinion! This is something I neglected for a long time and I didn't see true improvements until I made it a priority.
Journal, take time to meditate, remind yourself of the things you are grateful for, stop and take some deep breathes when things get crazy!
Because if you want to be fit AND healthy, you gotta get that mind right my friend.
None of these 5 things are "earth shattering fad diets" or "get ripped in 7 days" workouts programs. The difference with these 5 tips are that they ACTUALLY WORK and give you real results that last!
They are all things that you have heard before but it's up to you to start doing them. And these are key points that I teach in my 1 on 1 coaching programs because I am a huge believer in simple lifestyle changes that make massive impact on your life.
Simple lifestyle changes that allow you to be FIT AND HEALTHY forever!!!
So if you know you need a change that produces results you can maintain and feel like you need some extra help in doing so, I encourage you to fill out my 1 on 1 coaching application.
It will only take about 2 minute and helps me understand your goals and decide if I am the best coach for you.
I hope this encourages you to start your journey to be fit AND healthy today!

- Britt Nicole -



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