Eat Like You Give a Damn!

health & wellness Dec 20, 2018

Eat Like You Give a Damn!

This quote was the single mindset shift I needed to stop binge eating and destroying my body with garbage food and fuel it with the whole foods and nutrients that it needs to THRIVE!
Keep reading if you want to learn how "Eating Like You Give a Damn" can take you from bloated, constipated, exhausted, depressed, and over weight to...confident, thriving, belly bloat-free, and toned!
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The Restrictive Dieting Mindset!

There are a handful of reasons that we usually start a new diet...
  • We notice a little extra fat storing in certain spots on our bodies and want to get rid of it!
  • We feel bloated and uncomfortable all the time!
  • We are sick of lacking confidence any time we go out!
  • We are just tired of feeling like crap!
Being on a "DIET" will get results, there's no doubt! But the problem is, most diets focus only on physical appearance not necessarily health and they are damn near impossible to be consistent with!

How Many Times Have You Started a NEW Diet?

We are always starting NEW diets because the OLD diets didn't work or we couldn't stick to them, right?
And cutting out entire food group or counting calories/macros does help to achieve physical goals but are you seriously going to not eat a carb for the rest of your life or count every single gram of protein that you consume?
I'll tell you what happens when you try to do this because I've been there...
  • You end up binge eating until you can't move for cheat meals!
  • You add fake sugar to everything because it doesn't count against your macros!
  • You have anxiety about what you're going to eat and if it is on your diet!
It's miserable! And like I said you may see short term physical results but at the same time you're destroying your HEALTH. Your body is screaming for mercy!

There's a Way to be Fit & Healthy FOREVER!

That's right, you can get in shape and be healthy and thriving without ever dieting again! And you can be consistent with it.
  • No more bloating!
  • You'll be able to actually keep that extra weight off!
  • You're body will be thriving and you'll feel amazing!
And it all starts with that one little quote...

Eat Like You Give a Damn!

This is a simple mindset shift but it takes practice! You won't be perfect right off the bat but you have to start with the little wins and keep working at it every damn day!
One thing that helped me be successful with this was realizing that what I was putting in my mouth had a direct effect on my health and how I felt...
  • Gut health
  • Bloating
  • Skin health
  • Energy levels
  • Mood
  • Anxiety
  • Focus
  • Aches and pains
What is your body telling you?
Write down how you feel after you binge eat or consume tons or fake sugar or don't eat carbs for a week!
You probably feel like crap and this will remind you and give you motivation next time your tempted to eat your face off!
Because if you are feeling like I did, I want you to know it's NOT normal and it CAN improve greatly!
Stop listening to all the bullshit trends, diets, and fads online and start listening to your beautiful body.
EAT LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN about your body by making simple substitutions for healthier options.
  • Lemon water instead of soda.
  • Coconut sugar instead of artificial sweeteners.
  • Almond milk instead of coffee creamer.
  • Well rounded whole foods eating instead of restrictive diet binge eating cycle.
These are just a few quick examples that if you do every day will make a huge difference in how you look and feel! You can find a ton more examples in my other blog posts.
This simple mindset shift to eat the things your body wants and needs instead of eating what TEMPORARILY satisfies your taste buds is going to change your life!
If you feel like you need more direction and accountability on this, then you're in the right place my friend.
My passion and my specialty is helping women like you get the results they desire (both physical and health) and learn how to maintain those results without EVER dieting!
Because you aren't actually dieting if eating to fuel your body is just how you live!
So if you would like some help in transitioning into a healthy holistic lifestyle then you may just be the perfect fit for my Holistic Body & Life Transformation Coaching. 
Click the link below to answer a few questions so I can see if I'm the right coach to help you reach your goals and give you the tools and knowledge you need to maintain the life changing results!
I can't wait to help you change your life!

- Britt Nicole -





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