5 Super Easy Daily Habits for Weight Loss!

health & wellness Apr 10, 2019

Having Trouble Sticking to a Restrictive Weight Loss Program?...Start with These 5 Easy Daily Habits!

This one is going to be quick and to the point because I like to keep things simple because I know you're busy!
If you're having trouble sticking to a restrictive diet or can't seem to stay consistent with a health and fitness journey this is perfect for you. These are 5 simple weight loss habits that I suggest to all my clients to get the ball rolling and building confidence!
Don't over complicate this...just do the things girl!
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1. Drink Lemon Water in the Morning!

Most of us start the morning with coffee. Believe me, I LOVE coffee in the morning. The problem with this is that we are most dehydrated in the morning and coffee dehydrates us even more!
Starting your day with lemon water hydrates your body! Our bodies need to be hydrated to be able to function properly and lose weight.
If you want to have that morning coffee, I do suggest limiting the quantity and make sure to get the lemon water in before!

2. Drink Herbal Teas!

Herbal teas are insanely beneficial for so many things in your body! Including weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.
Here are the best herbal teas for weight loss according to one of my favorites, Medical Medium Liver Rescue book.
  • Ashwagandha
  • Lemon balm
  • Nettle leaf
  • Raspberry leaf
Make this a routine in your life weather its in the morning, in the afternoon at work, or to start relaxing at night. Herbal teas taste delicious, they are super cheap, and offer such amazing benefits to your mind and body so don't miss out!

3. Relax and Do Nothing for 15 Minutes!

I know you're constantly in a rush and feeling stressed! Being in this stressed state constantly can cause weight gain, digestive issues and a lot more health issues.
When we let ourselves get into a relax and repair state, your body is able to heal from symptoms such as weight gain, low energy, and bloating/constipation.
So to help you lower your stress levels I want you to find at least 15 minutes everyday and DO NOTHING! Turn the TV off, put your phone away, lock yourself in the bathroom or bedroom and just close your eyes and find your happy place.
Image the stress flowing out of your body and feel your mind clear and energy levels increase!

4. Work on Creating a Positive Mindset!

"If you believe you can or you can't - you're right." This quote can not be more true.
If you don't believe you will never lose the weight, you won't!!!
If you start to have a positive mindset towards your goals and start to believe that you can see the results you want, you will do what is necessary to reach them! And guess what...you will bring that weight loss goal to life.
This is so often left out of different programs and I believe it is so crucial!

5. Eat More Fruits!

Fruit fear - the worst thing to ever happen to the fitness industry. People are told that the sugar in fruit will cause them to gain weight and in my opinion, it's just not true!
Fruit is one of the greatest things for weight loss. It gives us the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients our bodies thrive off of for a healthy gut, healthy digestion, and maintaining an optimal weight!
So that's it my friend! Don't worry about being perfect, just start by adding these 5 simple habits to your daily routine and you are well on your way to reaching your health and fitness goals!
I always teach my clients that implementing small actions like this are more important than following a restrictive diet. Because these small actions compound and build momentum each and every day!
If you're sick of spinning your wheels and looking for a different way to live a truly healthy lifestyle then I want you to click that link below!
You will be asked a few easy questions that will help me learn a little more about you and see if my 1 on 1 coaching program is best for you.
Lots of love!

- Britt Nicole -





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