DIY Epsom Salts Soak with Essential Oils!

Melt Your Stress Away with Essential Oils!

Who doesn’t need to destress these days? For me, baths help me to calm down and relax. I always want to add great smelling bath bombs or bath salts but most that you buy at the store are extremely toxic. This is why I decided to make my own!

Thinking about how everyone can use a calming non-toxic bath to relax, I made mason jar DIY Epsom salt soaks with essential oils as the favors for my baby shower. You only need glass containers, non scented Epsom salts, essential oils, and dried flowers! Each small mason jar held about 2-3 baths worth!

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Here is exactly what I used for these salt soak favors:

  • 4oz glass mason jars  This is a 40 pack. We used about 30 for the favors and with the other mason jars I am going to use them as breastmilk storage and baby food storage. The best thing about mason jars is that they have so many uses!
  • Dried flowers & herbs I ordered these from Amazon as well.
  • Essential oils I used lavender, bergamot, and tea tree for the three different scents that I made. I also use Young Living essential oils!
  • Large bag of non-scented Epsom salt.

Here are the 3 scents I made:

  1. Lavender & rose.
  2. Lemongrass, jasmine, and bergamot.
  3. Mint, tea tree, and chrysanthemum.

How to make:

  • Pour ⅓ of the Epsom salt bag in a large mixing bowl.
  • I used about ¼ of lavender and ¼ rose petals for the first scent. For the second scent I used about ¼ of the bag of lemongrass and ¼ Jasmine petals. For the third scent I used ¼ of the bag of mint and a tiny bit of chrysanthemum. For whichever scent you are making, add those specific dried flowers or herbs into the bowl.
  • Finally, add the essential oils. I used 5 drops of lavender for the first scent. For the second scent I used about 7 drops of bergamot, and about 5 drops of tea tree for the third one. If you are using Young Living essential oils, a small amount goes a long way!
  • I separated each scent into about 10 mason jars which is how I ended up with 30 favors total.

If you are looking to use pure and potent essential oils, I highly suggest Young Living Oils! You can purchase them here. This is an easy non-toxic DIY favor, gift, or gift to yourself! Enjoy a beautiful bath with flower petals, incredible non-toxic smells, and health benefiting Epsom salts!


Lots of love!

- Coach Britt -





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