Best Superfood Maca Latte Recipe to Replace Your Gut Wrenching Coffee!

health & wellness recipes Oct 03, 2018

Maca Powder to the Rescue!

There is nothing better than a warm cup of coffee or a latte in the morning…am I right?

I love the taste of coffee and it always used to be my go to in the mornings. UNTIL I learned that the caffeine is not so good if you are dealing with hormonal imbalance issues like I was!

Unfortunately, your standard coffee is also pretty rough on the lining of your stomach and can cause inflammation, bloating, stomach pain, and irritation over a long period of time.

Speaking of all those annoying stomach problems, they may be a sign that you are dealing with poor gut health! I just officially opened my Gut Health Mini Course and it was designed to help busy women like you make a handful of simple lifestyle changes and get rid of that bloating for GOOD! Make sure you go check it out!

Anyway...if you know me at all, you know I’m not going to tell you to cut coffee out completely and never drink it again! If something doesn’t sit well with you, I’m all about finding a healthier alternative!

This is exactly what I do when I realized my daily coffee routine may have been contributing to my horrible hormonal problems and uncomfortable stomach issues!

I stumbled upon maca root powder when I was looking for natural ways to balance my hormones. I personally suffer from hormonal acne, horrible period cramps and PMS, and often fatigue. Are you with me on any of these?

That's When I Found The Maca Team!

The Maca Team offers a super high quality ORGANIC maca powder at an extremely affordable price! And that’s why I love them!

They even have a Maca Finder test that you can take which will share with you what maca powder would be best for you based on your goals and body type!

So What is Maca Powder You Ask?

Maca root is a Peruvian plant that has been used for thousands of years for fertility, hormone balancing, enhancing immune system, enhancing mood, and improving stamina, just to name a few. Maca is also an adaptogen which helps with stress!

The maca root is ground into a fine powder that can be easily added to foods and smoothies and it has some pretty amazing health benefits!

Maca root is know to promote muscle toning, increase energy and stamina, promote healthy hair growth, support thyroid health, improve skin health, regulate menstrual cycles, and the list goes on! Not to mention is has a pretty awesome taste as well!

Maca Powder is for You if...

You are dealing with fatigue and looking for more natural and clean energy.

You think a hormonal imbalance or poor immune function is causing acne.

You are looking for more stamina and athletic endurance. 

You are looking to increase fertility.

You want to overcome depression and stress naturally.

You want more mental clarity and focus.

Honestly, maca root is a nutritional superfood powerhouse that everyone should ALWAYS include in their daily routine. 

And like I said before…The Maca Team came up BIG on this one! They call it the MORNING MOTIVATOR!!!

With a name like that everyone is going to want to get their hands on it. This is a caffeine free superfood energy powder that includes their high quality organic maca powder to also help BALANCE HORMONES!

I was freaking out when I found it and was so shocked at how delicious it tastes!

I wanted to bring you a quick little recipe that you will absolutely love because it tastes similar to coffee (I actually like it even better) and it’s not going to give you the stomach problems that come along with regular coffee.

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Morning Motivator Maca Pumpkin Spice Latte…OMG!

Dump all the ingredients and 1 cup of hot water into your blender & enjoy all the goodness & happy hormones!

I promise you're going to love it! I get so excited when I find gems like this that taste so good and actually come with health benefits as well! It's almost too good to be true so I had to share!

Go grab your Morning Motivator now and let me know what you think! Tag me on Instagram (@brittanymuchko) or share your pics in my Real Health Made Simple Facebook Community!

Lots of Love !


- Britt Nicole -




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