7 Best Kettlebell Exercises for Sculpted Legs and Booty

workouts Mar 27, 2018

7 Best Kettlebell Exercises for Sculpted Legs and Booty!

You’re a couple weeks into the new year and hopefully still feeling motivated to keep those New Year’s Resolutions alive. To help keep you going, I created another killer 15 minute kettlebell workout you can do at home. These are the 7 of the best kettlebell exercises I could find to really get those legs and booty burning!

In case you haven’t notice yet, you’re going to need a kettlebell for this workout. I suggest running to Marshall’s and grabbing a 10 pounder to start with. Or if you don’t feel like leaving the house, check out this  kettlebell on Amazon.

I’ve recently become more of a fan of kettlebell workouts for a few reasons…

  • They are great compound movements for increasing strength
  • The workouts are different and keep things interesting
  • You will get both cardio and strength training workouts
  • Great because you only need one piece of equipment
  • They are easy to incorporate in at home workouts

There are lots more benefits of kettlebell exercises that you can find over at Mark Riverside Kettlebells article I found!

15 Minute Kettlebell Workout!

So this is a pretty simple workout structure. Do the 7 best kettlebell exercises for the number of reps listed with a 30 second break between each one. Repeat for 2 or 3 rounds depending on your fitness level!

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Overhead Reverse Lunge / 20 Reps
Rest / 30 Seconds

Goblet Squat / 15 Reps
Rest / 30 Seconds

Single Arm Swing / 10 Reps with Each Arm
Rest / 30 Seconds

Single Leg Deadlift / 10 Reps with Each Leg
Rest / 30 Seconds

Alternating Side Lunges / 20 Reps
Rest / 30 Seconds

Alternating Curtsy Lunge / 20 Reps
Rest / 30 Seconds

Single Leg Glute Bridge / 10 Reps on Each Leg
Rest / 90 Seconds

Repeat for 2 or 3 rounds!

This one is gonna get you sweating girl! Especially if you’re not used to kettlebell workouts. If it’s tough at first, don’t get discouraged. Try to focus on doing the movements correctly and if you can’t make it to the number of reps listed for each that is totally fine.

Like I always say, it is important to push yourself but even more important to respect your bodies limits to avoid injury.

The important thing is that you are moving your body and working toward a stronger and more confident version of yourself!

And if you loved this 15 minute kettlebell workout, you should check out my Home Workout Program for Busy Women! This is a 6 week fully structured home workout program that is helping so many busy women just like you, burn fat and tone muscle. All you need is your bodyweight and 30 minutes each day.


And if you have any questions about this workout or anything else, please leave me a comment below and I’ll get right back to you!


Much Love,

-Britt Nicole-

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