HIIT Full Body Workout for Beginners!

workouts Jul 25, 2018

Raise your hand if you hate cardio! In my mind I imagine a sea of women with two hands raised high to the sky right now!

It’s just because cardio can be so damn boring sometimes! Are you with me?

Getting on the treadmill or stairmaster for an hour is like torture. Some people love it but it’s just not for me…and it doesn’t have to be for you either.

Back when I was competing, I was told the only way to burn fat was to spend long periods of time on the treadmill or stairmaster and I HATED it! I felt like I was wasting so much time and it made me dread going to the gym.

So I found a better way. A more EFFECTIVE way called HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training!

Maybe you’ve heard of it but not quite sure how it works. Don’t let the fancy terminology confuse you.

In general, it is short periods of high intensity work followed by short periods of active rest. That sequence is repeated for a certain period of time or number of exercises.

It is an absolute fat destroyer and the best part is, HIIT workouts can be done in about 15-30 minutes if you are short on time!

So whether this is a new concept to you or you are just looking for a fun new workout to try, I wanted to show you this awesome full body HIIT workout I did at home earlier this week. It had me sweating my butt off and girl it felt so good to get a killer workout in even though my schedule was packed that day!

So give it a shot! Skip the gym today or that long run you’ve been dreading and make yourself a spot in the living room to get your sweat on. I promise you are going to have way more fun and burn tons more fat in about half the time!

And here’s a little bonus tip for ya…STOP LETTING YOUR WORKOUTS GO TO WASTE!

Here’s what I mean. Exercising is only one piece of the puzzle. If you do great with working out but then fill your body with garbage food, you’re not going to see all the benefits from those workouts!

Pair that killer full body HIIT workout with a nutritious whole foods meal to get the maximum benefit out of your hard work! If you’re just not real sure about how to eat healthy…don’t sweat it girl cuz I got you covered!

Go grab your copy of my Complete Holistic Eating Guide! It has everything you need to get started with new healthy eating habits, including suggestions for pre and post workout meals!

All my 1 on 1 clients love this and still use it all the time as their little healthy eating cheat sheet!

Click the link to grab your copy now…Complete Holistic Eating Guide

Now here’s that workout I promised…ENJOY!

For this HIIT full body work, you will do each exercise for 30 seconds then take 30 seconds of active rest and go straight into the next exercise.

The active rest could be marching/jogging in place or having your own little dance party but just make sure to keep your body moving!

Run through all the exercises for 2-3 rounds for a killer 20-30 minute home workout!

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Hope you enjoy this one :)

- Britt Nicole -





***It is important to listen to your body when working out. If something is uncomfortable or difficult, use modifications that suit your needs. I am NOT a certified personal trainer or nutritionist. The content of this website is not written by a health care professional and is based solely on my own knowledge, research, and personal experience. I will not be held liable for any problems, injuries, or illnesses that might occur due to a change in your eating and fitness habits. Those who do not seek council from the appropriate health care professional assume the liability of any injury that may occur. Nothing on this website will replace the professional advice of your own private doctor. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting any fitness program to determine if it is right for you. If you experience any pain or difficulty when exercising, stop and consult your health care provider.***

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