7 Uncommon Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally!

health & wellness Jan 09, 2019

Stress and Anxiety can Literally Stop Your Life in its Tracks!

It can be totally devastating! Luckily there are some natural ways to reduce stress that I use every day so keep reading.
High stress levels will hold you back from reaching your goals and cause major negative health problems if you don't take control.
Take it from me, because a couple years back I was dealing with a VERY stressful time in my life and I let it get the best of me.
My stress levels were out of control from...
  • Planning a wedding on a strict budget
  • Acne breakouts leading up to my wedding
  • Feeling lost with what I wanted to do with my life
  • Moving and building a house
  • Trying to work and run a business
All the stress lead to anxiety attacks and they literally crippled me from accomplishing anything! Have you ever been in the same boat?

The Problem is That Stress is Unavoidable!

Stress is all around us so its basically impossible to completely avoid it which I'm sure you already know.
You can't just magically decide one day that you're not going to get stressed at work or when you have to run the kids around or when you have a million things to do when you get home from work.
It happens and that's ok!

But What if Stress Didn't Control Your Life!

Even though you can't completely stop stress from happening in a lot of cases, you can most definitely control how you deal with the stress before it ends up damaging your health like it did me.
Once I learned some simple ways to reduce stress, my life changed dramatically!

Here are 7 Natural Ways to Reduce Stress Everyday!

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These are 7 things that I use every single day and I encourage you to try adding at least a few to your daily routine and you'll notice that that stress no longer has a strangle hold on your life!
So give these a shot girl...

1. Work on mindset

Use affirmations that you can repeat over and over to yourself. Having a grateful practice and taking time to journal your thoughts and feelings and make them more positive.


2. Practice yoga or stretching

Take time to breathe deeply and connect with your body. Yoga also calms the mind. It's great to go to a class to have someone walk you through that or you can give this beginner's yoga workout a shot.


3. Pray or talk to your creator

Digging into God's word and what he says about anxiety. Here is a bible verse that has helped me that I play on repeat in my mind when I'm dealing with stress. - "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11


4. Diffusing calming essential oils

Essential oils such as lavender, ylang ylang, frankincense, and chamomile are great for fighting everyday stress and anxiety.


5. Nutrition has a major impact on your stress levels

So try eating less refined sugar and processed foods and more whole foods and natural sugars.


6. Get that workout in girl

Moving your body raises endorphins and put you in a more positive mood to take on the day.


7. Reverse your thoughts

Whenever a negative thought creeps into your mind, grab a hold of it and switch it around so it is a positive one. This takes work and awareness of your thoughts but is a game changer for sure!
Taking control of the stress and anxiety in your life is crucial if you're going to accomplish your health and fitness goals. And honestly this is what sets my Holistic Body & Life Transformation Coaching apart.
My clients that see the most success are the ones that take the mindset and stress reduction practices seriously and make an effort at this everyday!
Unfortunately, stress levels play a huge factor in your overall health and well being so it is very important to get that under control!
So if you're ready to take control of stress, have some amazing accountability, and finally learn how to reach your health and fitness goals for good I encourage you to click the link below and answer a few questions to see if I am the right coach to help you along on your journey!

- Britt Nicole -





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