7 Best Healthy Travel Tips for Your Summer Vacation!

health & wellness Jun 13, 2018

Summer vacation is that one week every year that we all work so hard to tighten up or lose just a couple extra pounds so we can feel confident walking on the beach or lying by the pool! There’s just one problem…

It feels like all that hard work goes to waste once we binge eat and don’t workout for the entire week of vacation! Do ya feel me on this one?

I know I’ve been there a time or two...or ten. I just got back from vacation and this was actually the first year that I stuck to my healthy travel tips and still felt incredible by the end of the week! It made vacation so much more enjoyable!

I wasn’t bloated, I didn’t feel like I gained 10 pounds, and I wasn’t exhausted from stuffing my face with pounds of sugary treats!

My husband and I ate some amazing food but I still felt amazing at the end of the week and I wanted to share with you my 7 best healthy travel tips to make your summer vacation a success!

7 Things I Did to Make My Vacation Healthy & Fun

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All of these things are simple, all you have to do is a little preparation…

1. Scope Out Some Healthy Spots Before You Arrive

Just do a quick Google search on “healthy restaurants in (your vacation spot)” or something along those lines. You will probably get a ton of results so you just have to take some time to look at the menus and make a list of places that will allow you to make healthy choices!

Use your time in the car or on the plane to do this.

I think this is so important and I love teaching my clients about making healthy choices when they go out to eat. You can still have fun and eat some incredibly tasty food but stay on track with your goals!

2. Prepare Some Grab N' Go Meals & Snacks

Always have healthy snacks and meals that you can grab and quickly and take with you. This is going to be huge for keeping you on track because instead of running down to the tiki bar in the hotel to grab a burger, you already have your meals and snacks ready to go!

I prepared pre-portioned bags of granola for the car ride and beach days that I could just grab when I got hungry or my sweet tooth cravings hit me!

I also made a huge bowl or healthy tuna salad that we dug into everyday to have a little snack on the beach!

3. Have Dumbbells and a Few Home Workouts on Hand

Plan ahead and take a pair of dumbbells and have a few workouts ready to go that you can do right in your hotel/condo. If you don’t have the workouts planned ahead of time, it won’t ever happen.

And please don’t plan your vacation around going to the gym! You’re there to have fun but if you can wake up early a few times and get a quick 20 or 30 minute workout in then do it! You’re going to be glad you did.

I did a few of the workouts I have my challenge girls doing right now because I can get them done in about 30 minutes and they totally kick by butt!

If a 30 minute fat torching custom workout plan is something you're interested, feel free to apply to my personalized 1 on 1 coaching by clicking here...Coaching Application!

4. Make Time for Fun Activities to Keep Your Body Moving

Get outside and be active! I know we all enjoy bumming all the beach all day but throw some nice walks or bike rides in the mix.

I was tracking over 6,000 steps before 7:30 in the morning just from taking a walk on the beach during sunrise and hitting up a little coffee shop down the road from our condo.

Plan things like paddle boarding, kayaking, biking, walking…These are all fun and keep you moving and burning calories!

5. Stay Hydrated

We all know this one but it’s easy to forget when you get thrown off your normal routine. Plus, soaking up the sun all day means you need to drink even more water.

Always make sure to have a bottle of water by your side so you can keep your insides happy and working like they should!

6. Make Healthy Choices When Out to Eat

I don’t know about you, but finding good restaurants when I’m on vaca is one of my favorite things to do! Like I said before, don’t be afraid to go out to eat while you’re on vacation or ever for that matter!

Just do some research on different healthy restaurants and don’t be afraid to ask questions about how things are prepared when you’re ordering. Ask if things are fried or cooked in butter or what kind of dressing comes on the salad! Things like that.

If you’re sick of feeling restricted in situations when you’re supposed to be having fun, then you might want to head over and fill out that custom fitness coaching application. I teach all my ladies to ditch the diets and still reach their goals! I have a few spots left this month to fill and I’d love to see if we are a good fit to work together.


I bet you love hearing that. Catch up on your sleep girl!

This is YOUR vacation so take a nap on the beach if you want or sleep in a little later than usual! It’s going to do the body good and have you feeling refreshed and happy!


That's all you gotta do my friend! If you do these 7 simple healthy travel tips for your summer vacation this year, I promise you are going to have more fun, feel more confident, and be even more motivated to reach your goals when you return to your normal routine!

Give them a shot and tag me on Instagram (@fitwithbrittnicole)! I want to see you take control  of vacation this year!

Lots of Love <3

- Britt Nicole -

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