5 Mindful Eating Tips for Decreased Bloating!

Not Just What You Eat but HOW You Eat!

How you eat can't influence progress toward your health goals can it?.....The answer is absolutely YES!
This is going to be super short and to the point but I just wanted to bring you some tips today on mindful eating!
Because we all know that what you put in your body is very important and has a massive impact on how you feel and whether or not you reach your goals.
But most people don't realize that HOW you eat is also very important. So below I have listed 5 simple tips for mindful eating that will help you to reduce bloating, improve weight loss results, and feel amazing!
So let's get to those 5 eating habits for weight loss and reduced bloating.
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1. Chew your damn food!

Do you just inhale your food when you eat? It’s okay, I used to be the worst at this. Shoving food in your mouth as fast as you can will cause bloating, cramping, and that uncomfortable heavy feeling that feels like there's a brick in your stomach. Help your digestion by REALLY chewing your food so you don’t have huge chunks of food in your belly causing heaviness and bloating. This may take some practice but after reminding yourself a few times it will become second nature.

2. Stop and think before you eat! 

You are busy, I get it! We all are. So much so that we tend to just eat whatever is in front of us whether we are hungry or not. Before you eat check in with yourself, am I actually hungry? Is this food going to make me feel good? Do I actually want this food or am I stressed/ bored? These few quick questions can really reduce the amount of crap that you eat throughout the day.

3. Have one meal a day that you ONLY focus on eating!

Put the phone down, shut your lap top, JUST EAT! Here is a way to check in with yourself before and while eating. What colors do you see on your plate, what beautiful smells are coming from your plate, when you bite into your food - what textures are there? Crunchy, etc. What flavors stand out to you? This slows you down a little bit and allows you to be thankful for the healthy food in front of you.

4. Go for a walk after you eat!

Not much to this one. When you're done eating, get up and walk around for at least a few minutes. This helps the food to start moving through your digestive system

5. Stretch and breathe deeply!

Similar to walking, there are certain stretches that specifically help with digestion such as legs up the wall, seated twist, happy baby, and seated forward fold.
In a world where we are mostly glued to our phones and laptops (trust me I do this too) all day, make it a point to check in with yourself.
Be mindful when your are eating. Being consistent with these will help today and continue to help with better digestion so you FEEL more comfortable in your body and can start seeing results!
These mindful tips are something that I always suggest to my clients to improve gut health and reduce bloating! And I also always make sure they have a copy of my Gut Health Daily Checklist.
I also wanted to make sure you have access to it as well. Click the link below to download a PDF copy for free.

Gut Health Daily Checklist


Lots of love!

- Coach Britt -





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