4 Healthy Morning Routine Habits!

health & wellness Jan 22, 2021

Mornings can be tough!

You probably don't want to get out of bed most of the time and maybe you hit your snooze button like 5 times. If you're not a morning person the thing that will help you get up and moving is having a solid healthy morning routine that you love and enjoy!
A morning routine should make you feel amazing and energized. Here I am giving you 4 steps to a healthy morning routine that will set your day up beautifully!
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1: Word before World!

Getting into the right head space before entering the crazy world of social media or news, it's important to get the Word and truth into our minds. "but seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness..." Matthews 6:33. This has been a game changer in my life. When I would wake up and look at social media first thing, my mind would instantly be filled with the chaos of the world. This turned into immediate stress, which is horrible for your health as well. But when I would dive into the truth first, it would set my tone to have joy and peace for the day!
ACTION STEP: You can easily make Gods's Word the first thing you see with the Bible app. You probably pick up your phone to turn off your alarm and can go right into it! Each day it has a new "Bible verse of the day" for you to read and meditate on! Another thing that has helped me is to keep a devotional or the Bible on my night stand so I can start reading before I even step foot out of bed. I promise it will change your mindset and your day.

2: Move it sister!

Move your body in a way that feels good for YOU! Getting your body and blood moving in the morning will help with morning energy! There are so many ways to do this, so pick a way that feels good for you and your body. For me personally, I love stepping out of bed and doing a couple stretches! There are so many benefits of working out in the morning such as more overall energy, increased alertness, better focus, better mood, and supporting weight loss.
ACTION STEP: What movement feels good for you in the morning? It is stretching, taking a walk, doing an intense workout, doing a workout class? Whatever works best for you, plan it out and make it a priority! Having a plan to move or workout will help you to actually do it! "By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

3: Good ol' H2O!

Water in the morning is crucial for your body's hydration! Not coffee first. Not tea first. Water first! Your body has just went without water for 6-8 hours so your body is most dehydrated in the morning. By drinking water first thing your body is getting the chance to hydrate properly. Our bodies need to be properly hydrated for overall amazing health!
ACTION STEP: Have a glass or stainless steel water container that you continue to fill multiple times a day. Fill it up when you get to your kitchen in the morning and start drinking! To make water more fun and beneficial, add squeezed lime or lemon to it! For my busy clients, they make their squeezed lemon or lime water at night and keep it in the fridge to easily grab in the morning!

4: Delicious Fuel!

I know that fasting has become more and more popular but the problem is that you're restricting your body from nourishment in the morning. From my experience coaching women in nutrition, women who restrict themselves in the morning have unbalanced hormones, low energy, and awful digestion. Our bodies want fueled in the morning. It just matters what you fuel it with! A whole foods breakfast will give you the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body thrives off of! Here are some great nourishing options for a tasty breakfast!
ACTION STEP: What is a whole food breakfast you would enjoy? A smoothie bowl, overnight oats, healthy muffins, chia parfait, veggie hash? Figure out what you would love and plan out what you would enjoy for breakfast for the week! Get a recipe like the ones I shared above and make a grocery list out of the ingredients from the recipe.
Having a solid healthy morning routine will help you reach your health goals such as weight loss, improved digestion, and increasing your natural energy! This will set your day up for success! If you are needing more help with your nutrition and reaching your health goals, I would love to hear more about your goals! I invite you to fill out my 1:1 coaching application here. Once you fill this out I will reach out to you and see if my program is the perfect fit for you!
Lots of love!

- Coach Britt -





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