3 Organic Supplements for Weight Loss!

Weight Loss Supplements are Usually a SCAM!

We have all tried our fair share of weight loss pills, wraps, shakes, etc. in hopes that we could loss a few quick pounds and tighten up that mid section just a little before swimsuit season. Are you with me?
There are two problems here...
  1. Most of the supplements you see advertised are junk so do your research.
  2. Supplements are not designed to work by themselves. They are supposed to SUPPLEMENT other changes we make to our healthy lifestyle like whole foods and exercise.
I wanted to make sure I got that across before going any further.
Now the three things I'm going to mention in this post aren't necessarily "weight loss pills" (which you want to stay from anyways!) but they do help you to feel amazing and aid in weight loss!
They help a lot of different systems in the body to work properly. And when the systems of the body are all thriving, that is when you see weight loss results that LAST!
That my friends, is holistic health and how I teach my clients to get the amazing results they desire!
Unfortunately, most supplements are very low quality and a complete waste of money. Thankfully, the ones that I am sharing with you are very high quality and absorb quickly in your body because they are liquid rather than capsules.
These, just like anything else health and fitness related, are supplements that you need to be consistent with if you want to see results. I have been taking these 3 supplements for the past couple years consistently and they have done wonders for my health!
Let's let's get into the 3 holistic weight loss supplements that I always suggest to my 1 on 1 Holistic Health Coaching clients.
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ZINC: Zinc is something most people are deficient in which can cause many different health issues. Here are some of the many things zinc will help with!
  • weight issues
  • Skin issues (ance/eczema/psoriasis)
  • mood swings/ fatigue
  • inflammation
If you'd like to learn more you can click the link for the Medical Medium article on zinc.
And here is a link to the zinc that I use personally and suggest to all of my clients.
LIQUID B12: This is a vitamin, again, most people are deficient in but important for overall health. Here are some of the many things b12 will help with!
  • weight problems
  • brain fog/anxiety/depression
  • aches and pains
  • skin issues (eczema/acne)
If you'd like to learn more you can click the link for the Medical Medium article on b12.
And here is a link to the Vitamin b12 that I use personally and suggest to all of my clients.
LEMON BALM: I am a huge fan of herbs and all their incredible benefits. This one is my favorite! Lemon balm is great for...
  • gut health
  • weight issues
  • anxiousness/stress
  • inflammation
If you'd like to learn more you can click the link for the Medical Medium article on lemon balm.
And here is a link to the lemon balm that I use personally and suggest to all of my clients.
As I mentioned, if you are consistent with these few supplements you will start to realize that you're feeling better and losing weight!
These are always in 1 on 1 coaching plans for my clients because I feel like they are very important for living a healthy holistic lifestyle!
If you're interested in applying and jumping on a quick call to find out more about my Holistic Health Freedom Academy, click the link and I will be in touch.
Lots of love!

- Coach Britt -





***This page contains links to products that I am able to make a commission from. I only link to products that I personally use and enjoy or have researched. It is important to listen to your body when working out. If something is uncomfortable or difficult, use modifications that suit your needs. I am NOT a certified personal trainer or nutritionist. The content of this website is not written by a health care professional and is based solely on my own knowledge, research, and personal experience. I will not be held liable for any problems, injuries, or illnesses that might occur due to a change in your eating and fitness habits. Those who do not seek council from the appropriate health care professional assume the liability of any injury that may occur. Nothing on this website will replace the professional advice of your own private doctor. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting any fitness program to determine if it is right for you. If you experience any pain or difficulty when exercising, stop and consult your health care provider.***

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