3 Superfoods for Weight Loss You Can't do Without!

health & wellness Feb 14, 2019

Superfoods That Will Help You Reach Your Goals Faster!

The 3 superfoods that you are going to learn about today are staple supplements in my life. They are insanely beneficial for weight loss, skin health, energy, gut health, and bloating!
The best part is that you can buy them in powdered form so you can throw them right into your smoothies! These little guys have been so beneficial to my clients and myself and I know they can help you too.
So I wanted to share a little info about each superfood and let you know where I get mine!
Because healthy eating habits and proper workouts will get you to where you want to be but adding these amazing superfood supplements will help you reach your goals even faster!
Now let's dive in!

My Favorite Beneficial Superfoods!

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1. Hawaiian Spirulina!

This one is absolutely amazing! Packed full of nutrients, protein, antioxidants, iron, vitamins A & K which are all important for gut health. You are suppressing bad bacteria & stimulating good bacteria.
Spirulina is also known to aid in healthy weight loss! This is a lower calorie food but it does not sacrifice nutrients.
I always buy my Hawaiin Spirulina on Amazon from a company called Nutrex Hawaii. You get a huge container for a good price and it lasts forever. Here's a link to the one I buy...Hawaiian Spirulina

2. Chaga Mushroom!

This superfood is a powerful anti-inflammatory that also boosts your immune system. That means it's very important for anyone dealing with acne, eczema, bloating, IBS, or other things that attack your immune system!
If you know me at all, I have dealt with a few of these things so Chaga is something that I always keep in the house and add to my smoothies!
Here's a link to the Chaga that I like to buy...Organic Chaga

3. Maca Root Powder!

Last but not least is Maca root which is great for women (and men) dealing with hormonal issues.
This superfood helped one of my clients get her hormones in check while she was trying to get pregnant. And another one of my amazing clients thanks maca for giving her tons of energy during her period which she has never felt before!
Obviously, this was not the only change they made to their routines but it was definitely a major player!
Maca is great for everyone to take to keep your hormones in check. Here are a few more benefits that Maca Root has to offer...
  • increased energy
  • mental clarity
  • hormone balance
  • reducing depression/anxiety/ stress
  • and so much more
Here's a link to the Maca supplement that I have been using for quite some time now...The Maca Team
I take each one of these every single day and they have been powerful superfoods for...
  • healing acne
  • reducing constipation/bloating
  • gaining my energy back
  • staying lean and strong
Although I believe that everyone is different and we all need specific supplements to deal with individual issues, I think everyone can benefit from these 3 amazing superfoods. So this is a great place to start.
If you are interested in an approach that is more tailored to your individual needs, then my 1 on 1 Holistic Body & Life Transformation Coaching may be a great fit for you.
I encourage you to click the link below and answer a few very quick questions to help me understand your goals and if I will be able to help you get there!
I am a huge believer in making a handful of key lifestyle changes to make a total mind and body transformation that lasts forever. So if you're over dieting or just don't know where to start, I can help you. Click that link and I will be in touch.
Talk soon love!

- Britt Nicole -





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