15 Minute Sexy for Summer Total Body Workout

workouts Apr 11, 2018


15 Minute Sexy for Summer Total Body Workout!

Are you finally ready to make this the summer you feel confident in the sexy bathing suit? I assume the answer is yes since you're here looking for a great workout! This quick 15 minute total body workout is gonna get that heart rate up so you can sweat that fat off and tone muscle before summer!

All you need is a set of dumbbells for this one. Somewhere between 5 & 10 lbs will be perfect! All of these exercises can be done using bodyweight only as well if that's more comfortable for you!

Now let's get all of those muscle working and burning at once! This is going to help you burn more calories in a shorter period of time. Which is awesome because we all know finding time to workout can be challenging some days!

Here are a few things to remember before we get into the workout...

  1. Make sure to do a quick stretch and warm up before you get started. You want those muscles to be warm so you can prevent injury and make sure you get the most out of the workout!
  2. Keep your movements crisp and clean! Good form is super important, especially when you add weights to the mix. If something doesn't feel right then drop the weight or make modifications to the exercises!
  3. Remember to push yourself outside your comfort zone but more importantly...KNOW and RESPECT YOUR LIMITS! If something hurts or is uncomfortable for you, then stop and either skip that exercise or substitute something else!
  4. Lastly, have fun with this total body workout! if you have to force yourself to exercise then it's not going to last and you're not going to give your best effort. Play some good music, sing, dance, and get that body workin girl! My home workouts look like a dance party most of the time!

Now here's the total body workout...

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1 Arm Press Knee Lift / 20 reps
Rest / 30 seconds

Front Squat Rotational Press / 10 reps each side
Rest / 30 seconds

1 Arm Bent Over Row / 10 reps each side
Rest / 30 seconds

Straight Leg Deadlift Bicep Curl / 15 reps
Rest / 30 seconds

Tricep Kickback / 15 reps
Rest / 30 seconds

Forward Chop Alt. Knee Lift / 20 reps
Rest / 30 seconds

Hammer Curl Shoulder Press / 15 reps
Rest / 30 seconds

Sumo Squats / 15 reps
Rest / 30 seconds

I promise you're going to feel amazing after this workout! So make an effort to find 15 minutes of free time in your busy schedule to take care of YOU!

Remember that this is a lifestyle change! You have to make a commitment to consistently show up and do the work because quick fixes just don't do the trick!

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- Britt Nicole -




I am not a certified personal trainer or nutritionist. This workout was created using my own experience and is intended for a healthy person that is not experiencing injuries. Please consult your doctor before starting any workout regimen.

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