15 Minute Abs and Butt Workout You Can Do Anywhere

workouts Nov 10, 2018

15 Minute Abs and Butt Workout You Can Do Anywhere!

It’s the best time of year! Christmas is almost here and the hustle and bustle is realll. Christmas shopping, visiting family and friends, holiday parties…I LOVE it all! But sometimes trying to squeeze all of these things into your already busy schedule leaves little time for workouts. But I know you can find 15 minutes for this awesome abs and butt workout!

You can do these exercises ANYWHERE! At the park while your kids are playing, at home before or after work, or even at your office gym on your lunch break!

And you will be surprised how much fat burning and muscle toning you can do in such a short amount of time.

You will find the exercises and abs and butt workout below. If you can’t do the workout right this second, just Pin the image to one of your boards so you can save it for later!

Are you ready to tone your abs and butt?

Abs and Butt Workout


As always, this workout can and should be modified to account for your experience and comfort level. (Take longer breaks when needed, make exercises easier, etc.)

It is important to push yourself, but even more important to know and respect your limits to avoid injury.

Now let’s get to it!

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Front Lunge Twist – 10 reps each side
Alternating Side Planks – 45 seconds

15 second rest

Side Plank Crunch – 10 reps each side
Sumo Squat Calf Raise – 45 seconds

15 second rest

Warrior 3 Hamstring Curl – 10 reps each leg
Boat Twists – 45 seconds

15 second rest

Good Mornings – 15 reps
Side to Side Taps – 45 seconds

15 second rest

Down Dog Crunch – 10 reps each side
Hip Thrusts – 45 seconds

60 second rest then repeat for a second round

Give yourself a pat on the back for getting your ass up to workout during the busiest and best time of the year!

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Talk soon

- Britt Nicole -



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