10 Super Simple Tips to Improve Gut Health!

gut health Dec 19, 2019

Gut Health Restoring During the Holidays!

Alright my friend, this post to help you improve your gut health is going to be super short, straight forward, and to the point because I know you're crazy busy with the holidays right around the corner.
But these gut healing tips are especially important this time of year so we can avoid feeling bloated, constipated, and fatigued.
So practice these 10 simple things over the next couple of weeks so you can hit the ground running and be ready to crush your 2020 health and fitness goals!
If you find yourself constantly dealing with uncomfortable bloat and struggle with constipation or digestive issues, these tips are for you girl!
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1. Chew your food!

With our busy lives we tend to inhale our food as fast as we can. Those big chunks of food make it harder on our digestive system to break down and can cause bloat and discomfort. Practicing to slow down and chew your food thoroughly will do wonders for your digestion.

2. Eat until you are 75% full!

Often we eat so fast we don't realize when we are full and continue to eat. This can be stressful on the digestive system and cause bloating. When you feel like you can have a couple more bites, stop it there. Take ten minutes and check in with yourself. Are you full and satisfied or are you still hungry? Tune into your hunger and just try to be aware of how much you are eating.

3. Incorporate fruit back into your life!

You might have heard that bananas will make you fat, or dates have too much sugar. I've heard these things before as well. When I incorporated fruit back into my life is when I truly healed my gut...aka got rid of bloated, started going to the bathroom regularly, had more energy, and healed my acne. Incorporate fruit daily and see how your body feels!

4. Fuel your body with less processed foods and more whole foods!

A lot of processed foods contain inflammatory oils and fake sugar which can cause inflammation and bloating. Whole foods will help give your body the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals it needs to thrive!

5. Move your body daily!

Moving your body helps massage the digestive track. Even if its 15 minutes a day it will help to get things moving in the gut and digestive system! Walk, stretch, do jumping jacks...as long as you're moving.

6. Drink teas that help with bloat and digestion!

A couple of teas that specifically helps with the gut are lemon balm, raspberry leaf, and peppermint! I also suggest that my clients have these on hand and drink them regularly. They are inexpensive and tasty!

7. Make stress reduction a priority!

When we are stressed we can literally feel "butterflies" or cramping in our guts. Our bowl movements usually become irregular too. This is how connected your gut and brain is. Make sure to practice stress reduction such as deep breathing, meditation, yoga, reading, and journaling at some point during your day!

8. Eat beautiful vegetables that help the gut!

The good bacteria in your gut feed and thrive off of plant based fiber. Look at adding in some of these amazing vegetables into your nutrition for a healthy happy gut such as leafy greens, potatoes, squash, brussels, asparagus, broccoli and more.

9. Increase your water intake!

To have a properly working digestive system and body we need to be hydrated! So make drinking water a priority. To make water interesting add different fruits, vegetables, and herbs to give it some flavor!

10. Download my new "Gut Health Daily Checklist"!

As busy women, it's easy to forget to do certain things throughout the day to help our guts so we can see overall health results. I created a check list for you to make this easier on you! I found myself keeping a checklist for myself so I figured I'd make it a little more structured and pass it on so you can use it as well.

You can click the link below and download the PDF version to print or keep on your phone to review each day...
And really all 10 of these gut healing tips comes down to being more aware of how and what you're eating! Let's keep healthy eating simple and start with the basics on this checklist!
If you are consistent with at least a few of these items, you are well on your way to weight loss, less bloating, more energy, and more confidence!
Lots of love!

- Coach Britt -





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