10 Minute Ab Workout to Reduce Bloating

workouts Sep 05, 2018

Get Your Body Moving and Reduce Bloating!

If you are a member of my free Real Health Made Simple Facebook Community or follow me on Instagram (@fitwithbrittnicole), you know that I have been putting a whole lot of info out on how to improve your gut health.

This because gut health is super important to so many different aspects of your life! In particular, improving your gut health means kicking that uncomfortable bloating to the curb!

I have dealt with this annoying feeling before and I have women tell me all the time that they really struggle with bloating...so you're not alone sista!

Improving gut health and reducing bloating is very dependent on the foods you put in your body and a few other things. One of those things is getting your body moving more and doing exercises that massage your insides and help to work some of that bloating out.

I put together very quick workout for you to try that is going to help tone your abs and get rid of that uncomfortable bloating at the same time! 

8 Best Ab Exercises to Reduce Bloating!

Do 1-2 rounds of the following for an awesome quick ab workout to reduce bloating. Take a 30 second break in between each exercise.

Down Dog to Plank / 15 reps
Standing Crunch / 10 reps each side
Standing Cross Body Crunch / 10 reps each side
Alt. Plank Knee to Chest / 15 reps
Crunch Sit Through / 15 reps
V-ups / 15 reps
Alt. Bird Dog / 15 reps
Standing Oblique Crunch / 15 reps

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Moving your body with a workout like this is just one piece of the healthy gut puzzle! There are a few other simple lifestyle changes you need to make if you want to get rid of that bloating and lose that stubborn belly fat for good!

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